Current Projects 

Amerock Hotel


 The  old Amerock building is just beginning the process towards renovation.  It was originally constructed in 1920 by William H. Ziock for the booming textile business, until 1941 when it was bought to become the headquarters for Amrock hardware manufacturing company.  After trading tenants a few times the building was abandoned in the early 2000's.  Now Gorman & Co. is the current owners and this historic building will become a bustling hotel and convocation center once completed. 


​​Taken in 1920​​

Menta Academy 

The Menta group academy involves the lives of at-risk youth with the goal to address the unique needs of students, families, school staff and admin. They firmly believe that every child has the right to be in school. 


Hilton Tru Hotel 

The Hilton Tru Hotel is currently under construction in Harrisonburg, Virignia. More information coming soon!