Completed Projects

Baltic Mill-Belvidere

The Baltic Mill was built in 1845 to be used as a grist mill. The mill became a local gathering place where the farmers would grind their grain and socialize. In 1920 it was the first purchase of the Belvidere Park District. The Baltic Mill would go on to be the cornerstone for the park district into the future.  By the summer of 1935 the Baltic Mill had been converted into a concert hall where countless plays were performed. We were lucky enough to help restore the Baltic Mill so that it can continue to be a great venue for performances in the future. 

Megs Daily Grind



Rockford Trust Building Transformation

The Rockford Bank and Trust building was originally opened in 1907 at seven stories high and was the largest office building in the Rockford at the time.  With it being on the corner of Main St and W State St it was well known for its size, and its huge sign lit with over twelve hundred light bulbs, which could be seen for miles away.  A secret passage way was found in the basement during remodeling which is believed to have been used by Al Capone during prohibition to access the vault without being seen.  We helped repurpose this historic building into an apartment complex, which will be named after the original architect Daniel Burnham widely regarded as the inventor of the sky scraper.

Underwriter Labs

Aldeen Clubhouse and Patio

Taco Betty's

Taco Betty's just opened its door in May of 2017, but it is quickly becoming the go to Mexican restaurant in downtown Rockford. We're thrilled to have provided an upbeat aesthetic and atmosphere that Rockford loves and craves.  The unique lighting and flow of the building really set it apart from neighboring restaurants.  Legacy Designs is glad we could provide a service that is appreciated by the community and its residents. 

Oaks of Vernon Hills

Labadie Dental

Floriole Bakery

When Mrs. Holl asked us to model and design the interior of her new bakery we took the task very seriously.  Now we are happy to say that her bakery in downtown Chicago is a smash hit. Customers enjoy the indoor and outdoor seating, and of course all the delicious pastries Floriole Bakery has to offer.   

Lincoln-Tallman House

The Lincoln-Tallman house was built in 1857 by William Tallman so he could be closer to his estate in southern Wisconsin. On October 1st, 1859 William Tallman drove to Beloit for a speech given by Abraham Lincoln. After the speech William was able to convince Lincoln that he should deliver a speech in Jamesville the next day, and stay at his house for the evening.  Lincoln agreed and delivered the speech the following day. This is the only recorded night Lincoln spent in Wisconsin.  We were able to be a part of the repair of this historic building.  While retaining over seventy-five of the original furnishings we managed to make the Lincoln-Tallman operational for decades to come. 

The Standard

West State Street Lights

Muslim Community Center and Mosque

Watt Publishing

And many more...